Monday, July 31, 2006

#11 - O2 Number Successfully Ported to Orange

Nothing unusual there I guess. However, when looking for new, discounted, contracts this is the only way to achieve it. IE you have to switch operators rather than upgrade yor existing contract.

Monday, July 24, 2006

#10 - Bugger.

Phone picked up at work today no problem. Rang Orange - answered straight away and polite. PAC given and stated day for phone number swap is 31 July. Exellent. By the way the number I rang was 0800 376 2285.

Broadband. I asked if the same dept. could enrol me for the free broadband. After a little umming and ahhing he said yes, but had only done one of these before. And it took about 5 minutes for the chap to get to the right screen (sounded like he was using the wrong password.)

Then the problem started. I realised this this morning. I have a Credit Card and a Current Account Card. The latter is registered at home and the former at work (makes it much easier when getting bulky items delivered as there's nobody at home during the day.)

When I ordered the phone I had problems enterring my Current Account card details (registered at home address) and so I ended up enterring my Credit Card address as my home address. Of-course this was totally stupid because when enrolling for broadband they asked what my address was and noticed it was different from the home address. Sh1t. That's going to totally bugger my cashback up. More later. Anyway they did an address change for me (they blamed Carphonewarehouse but it was really my fault :-)

1 hour later I'm signed up. The process was painful to say the least. e.g. it took the poor chap a few goes to get the MAC accepted in his system. Changeover is in 10 working days approx. which is about 7 August. This is just in time as the MAC runs out on 9 August. May be Ok.

But its the cashback that I've probably buggered up damn. Such a stupid thing for me do get wrong. Hopefully the first £70 shouldn't be affected as its automatic. We'll see...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

#9 - Next up. Use PAC&MAC

The v3 has already been delivered (don't know who to because nobody's in our offices at the weekend ?) but first things to do on Monday :-

1. use PAC to start the number transfer (and stop old mobile contract) and

2. use MAC to start 18 month FREE Orange broadband.

More details Monday night...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

#8 - bought a Motorola v3 from e2save. Why ?

1. e2save are a subsid of Carphonewarehouse and are supposed to be reliable in terms of cashbacks
2. I wanted a Motorola v3
3. In theory once I have ordered my 18 months FREE broadband with Orange my cashback with e2save will not be affected.
4. £35 off when bought through

I went for a non-clearance v3 because they promise delivery on Monday. £320 cashback over 18 months. The best I could find for a new v3 on an Orange 18 month (£30) contract.

#7 - dialaphone final Cashback claim

So my final cashback was claimed yesterday (19th) and already (20th) thay texted a reply to say that the cheque is on its way. Very efficient dialaphone, if not particulary competitive this year. Next. To buy a buy a new mobile. Yeh !

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

#6 - O2 Provide PAC Code !

I received my O2 PAC code today, 11/7 and wo the 30 day clock has started. The code was received via SMS - probably not unusual. Now to find a phone... probably a flipper. More on this later.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

#5 - Use

Mustn't forget to to use Quidco I can get upto £30 off a new contract if I sign up at Quidco.

#4 - Metronet MAC received today

Quite prompt. Lasts 30 days. Has to be used by 9th August.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

#3 - The Trouble with PACs

...learning all of the time... I've asked for my PAC on 7/7 and my current contract expires on 20/7. So guess my PAC will start 10/7. Irrespective of when I use the PAC I will pay for 30 days, i.e. from 10/7 -> 10/8.

Which means whenever I use the PAC (after 20/7 because that's when my 12 months are up) I will pay an extra lump from 21/7 -> 10/8. So I have to buy my new phone as late as possible in this window.

I think I should allow 10 days and so should buy the new phone around 1/8 ?

Complicated !

#2 - Ending Current Contracts ...

This is not going to be easy. I know that getting out of these types of contracts can be a real pain but let's have a go.

Broadband. I submitted my (MAC) request to migrate out from Metronet on Friday 8 July. I wonder when I'll get a reply ?

O2. On Friday 8 July rang 0870 5 214 000, selected various options and waited 10 minutes for a response. Had the usual banter with an offer of a £20 per month contract. He gave in when I said I was moving to a free (lie) contract. PAC code request will be processed within 48 hours. We'll see.

PS. My current 12 month contract expires on 20 July BUT I have to claim my last cashback on this date (with dialaphone). Previous cashback claims have been made very promptly so I'm not expecting any problem this time around... although I will make sure that I am still connected on that date for obvious reasons. I hope my request for a PAC code will not affect my claim.

#1 - The cheapest mobile and internet package EVER

In my never ending search for getting the most out of life without lifting a finger, you have to keep an ever constant watch of your outgoing money flow. This is my attempt to minimise costs on mobile phone and internet usage. I will document the process for anybody interested in applying a similar strategy.

My current mobile phone (with O2 in the UK) cost £150 for 12 months (new D500 and calls included). Internet is 2MB broadband with 10Gig usage. Cost £18 per month. Monthly cost approx £30. Of-course I'll get some money back from Ebay for the D500 but we'll see about that later.

What I'm going to get. A cheap and cheerful mobile (e.g Samsung X660, Motorola L6, Sony Ericsson K510i or similar) on an 18 month Orange contract. This will cost between £60 and £100 and will include at least 200 cross-network minutes per month. Broadband with Orange is free (2Gig usage). If I use alot more than 2Gig Orange will charge me £10 per month. So max (18 month) term cost is £100 + £180 = £280. Per month this is £16 which is nearly half what I currently pay. The cost could be as low as £3 per month but I must be realistic.

Let's start...