Saturday, July 08, 2006

#1 - The cheapest mobile and internet package EVER

In my never ending search for getting the most out of life without lifting a finger, you have to keep an ever constant watch of your outgoing money flow. This is my attempt to minimise costs on mobile phone and internet usage. I will document the process for anybody interested in applying a similar strategy.

My current mobile phone (with O2 in the UK) cost £150 for 12 months (new D500 and calls included). Internet is 2MB broadband with 10Gig usage. Cost £18 per month. Monthly cost approx £30. Of-course I'll get some money back from Ebay for the D500 but we'll see about that later.

What I'm going to get. A cheap and cheerful mobile (e.g Samsung X660, Motorola L6, Sony Ericsson K510i or similar) on an 18 month Orange contract. This will cost between £60 and £100 and will include at least 200 cross-network minutes per month. Broadband with Orange is free (2Gig usage). If I use alot more than 2Gig Orange will charge me £10 per month. So max (18 month) term cost is £100 + £180 = £280. Per month this is £16 which is nearly half what I currently pay. The cost could be as low as £3 per month but I must be realistic.

Let's start...


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