Saturday, July 08, 2006

#2 - Ending Current Contracts ...

This is not going to be easy. I know that getting out of these types of contracts can be a real pain but let's have a go.

Broadband. I submitted my (MAC) request to migrate out from Metronet on Friday 8 July. I wonder when I'll get a reply ?

O2. On Friday 8 July rang 0870 5 214 000, selected various options and waited 10 minutes for a response. Had the usual banter with an offer of a £20 per month contract. He gave in when I said I was moving to a free (lie) contract. PAC code request will be processed within 48 hours. We'll see.

PS. My current 12 month contract expires on 20 July BUT I have to claim my last cashback on this date (with dialaphone). Previous cashback claims have been made very promptly so I'm not expecting any problem this time around... although I will make sure that I am still connected on that date for obvious reasons. I hope my request for a PAC code will not affect my claim.


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